The Heating System works include the followings:

  • Two thermal fluid boilers complete with two fuel burners (using LPG fuel for start-up and preheating and Heavy Fuel Oil for normal operation).
  • Thermal fluid storage tank.
  • Expansion vessel and other equipment.
  • Interconnecting piping, supporting structures and all accessories.
  • Heavy Fuel Oil day consumption tank and all interconnecting piping.
  • Heavy Fuel Oil piping compete with a PD Meter, accessories, valves and fittings for the supply of the day tank and the feeding of the boilers by use of an electrically driven transfer pump.
  • Day tank , LPG Vessel & pipeline.
  • Thermal fluid Piping from Boiler house to HFO tanks.
  • Self-regulating Electrical trace heating systemfor terminal HFO piping system.
  • Skin Effect Heat tracing system for Jetty HFO piping system.