The Electrical works include the followings:

  • Medium voltage switchgear.
  • Power transformers.
  • Emergency power switchgears.
  • Medium voltage distribution feeders.
  • 400V low voltage switchboard.
  • Low voltage capacitor bank.
  • Automatic transfer system.
  • Low voltage distribution feeders and panels.
  • UPS system.
  • Power and lighting systems for buildings.
  • Power and lighting systems for outdoor areas.
  • Grounding system.
  • Cable networks including trays, conduits supports etc.
  • Kiosks housing for pump station MCCs.
  • Power supply for the electrical heat tracing system.
  • Entrance gate barrier system.
  • Soundproof, weatherproof, properly ventilated aluminum enclosure to house MV EDG, suitably supported on a concrete slab.
  • Pulling, splicing, terminating and connecting all wires and cables, including all lacing, forming,taping and tagging.