The civil works include the following:

  • Field survey.
  • General excavations, backfilling and site preparation works, including compaction,testing, shoring and dewatering.
  • Execution of all civil works consisting of:
  • Tank and vessel foundations
  • Equipment foundations.
  • Dyke walls and access ramps.
  • Sleepers and pipe support foundations, pipe culverts, etc.
  • U/G installations (pipe routings, electrical trenches, pump pits, drainage and sewage system complete with catch basins, manholes, pits, firefighting valve pits, septic tanks etc).
  • Fabrication, assembly and erection of steel structures like:
    1. Pipe supports.
    2. Access platforms and ladders.
    3. Truck loading structure.
    4. Pump stations structures.
    5. Firefighting pump station.
    6. Boiler house.
  • Paving, roads and parking areas.
  • Backfilling, leveling of the area to final elevation, roads, area drainage system, etc.
  • Buildings (Administration building, Guard house, Utility building, Power distribution building, Truck loading control room).
  • Erection of the drain off sumps, channels etc.
  • Waste water collection unit foundations and pits.
  • Foundation of lighting poles.
  • Fence and Gate
  • Jetty pipe line Culvert, Manhole, Pile foundation, Sheet piling work, Thrust boring etc.